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The Catalina MountainsTurningBear Mason is a professional artist.  His masterful works of oil paintings, graphite, and scrimshaw capture the infinite details of all creations.  Painted compositions of landscapes, people, architecture, and animals are among the brilliant works of TurningBear Mason.

Intrigued by colors, shapes and forms since a young child, TurningBear Mason has mastered the practice of observation and has translated it into his classical realistic art works. Exquisite renderings of dramatic landscapes of the west open your eyes to the talents of TurningBear Mason.  The complexity and variations of natural landscapes are illustrated beautifully.  Find it revealed in the commissioned works of the host course of the PGA Tour, Tucson Omni National and other signature holes at premier golf destinations in Arizona and Montana.TurningBear at McDonald Lake, MT

TurningBear Mason’s commissioned works are found throughout North America, from North Carolina to California to Hay River, Northern Territories.  A variety of genres is among the palette of this gifted artist and has inspired commissioned works for Clint Eastwood, General Schwarzkopf, White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, and many other works for Dude Ranches of America, National Parks, Resorts and individuals.

Graphite drawings are the basis for all of his color works.  It’s the guiding principle for all artist renditions by TurningBear Mason.  Committed to his craft, TurningBear believes “Your commissioned piece of art is only “complete”, when you deem it is better than you ever imagined.”

From commissioned landscape oil paintings and graphite portraits to LTD prints, creative art works of St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park to Latigo Ranch in Colorado to scrimshaw of Chief Joseph, TurningBear Mason’s catalogue of commissioned art works holds no boundaries.  The custom-creative works of TurningBear Mason dare you to dream and invite you to hold on to a piece of God’s glory.

Behold the creative art works of TurningBear Mason, a true professional artist having studied since 1976. One glance will change the way you see art and view beauty, truth, and goodness. TurningBear Mason captures more than contrast or fine details.  His works capture the mood and feeling; revealing the true spirit of life and creation.

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  Corinthians 10:31

Written by Genine Cogan,

White Feather Song & TurningBear


Artist’s Statement

Artists Statement

RED LODGE RENDEZVOUS “A young boy opens a wooden box.  Unknown to him a whole new world comes to life.  For inside the box lies canvas boards, oil pants, brushes, and an easel.  Now, all the intrigue around color, lighting, shapes and order has a place to call home.  Even sounds and rhythm once left restless find a place of calm and purpose.”

A simple art kit from my mother changed my life.  It gave a small “seed” of creativity a place to grow.  My studies and inspiration of the masters could be translated onto canvas.  It could reveal itself differently than the limitations of my pencil and paper.

I’ve always had a love for the outdoors.  Even as a young child, I had an insatiable thirst to capture its beauty and take it home with me.  I was eager to share what I saw through my own eyes, the brilliant use of color, texture and contrast.  I loved the challenge painting these magnificent landscapes presented.  It’s through this experience, God revealed my purpose.  In time, I was given a responsibility to share His creations with the world.  With a gift comes great responsibility.TB Plein Aire

The western landscape always spoke to me with its boldness. It told tales about more than rugged terrain. It revealed the splendor of God’s creation. It magnified the responsibility God had given me.  Bringing thought , beauty, truth and goodness  to the viewers of my paintings and commissioned works is a blessing from God.  My hope is to reveal His radiance and power.

“For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made so that men are without excuse.” Romans 1:20

TB in the mountains of WYMany years have passed since I opened the art kit for the first time. I’ve been primarily self-taught, a student of magnificent artists and the masters of art in books.  As a student of a variety of subjects, God has led me down a wondrous path. I’ve found great joy and satisfaction in sharing my gifts with others through graphite pencil portraits, scrimshaw and oils. It’s been my way of ensuring the “seed” God planted long ago bares “fruit”.

Commissioned pieces are only one example of God’s grace.  God has given me a need to have a place where others with a creative “seed” may be nurtured and grow.  It’s the inspiration for the Art Instruction Studio of TurningBear Mason.  It’s a place where beginners and more experienced artists can excel with an emphasis on individual creativity, while still focusing on the guidelines and principles of art.

It’s only by the grace of God my seed of creativity grew.  My ambition and talent to paint is purely a gift from God.  I pray my art works and my teaching will be living testimonies of good stewardship of the gifts given to me by my Lord Jesus Christ.

Solo Deo Gloria

To God alone be the glory.Tucson Art Academy