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Box of 12 ART Greeting Cards, 5×7″ reproduced from my original oil paintings this year.
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The Power of Art

Art speaks to us without words.  It ignites our souls and feeds are passion.  What kind of art speaks to you?  Looking for classical realistic oil paintings or pencil drawings? Considering an LTD print or lithograph?  Lithographs and Gicleé prints can offer you the brilliance of an original work.  What about the ancient art of scrimshaw?  Find out what speaks to you.   We invite you to explore our gallery.

TurningBear finishing “Feasting.”

At TurningBear Fine Art, you’ll discover opportunities to rekindle your love for art.  Here you can create new memories with pencil drawings and portraits, or delight someone with the ancient craft of scrimshaw.  You can preserve memories for generations with custom framing.  You can transform a space with faux finishes and murals. Want to further your passion for art? Studio Art Instruction of TurningBear Mason is where artists of all skill levels are offered the opportunity to grow and nurture their passion for art. Find out what course or workshop series is right for you. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, collector or just beginning your love-affair with art, you’ll find what your thirsting for here at TurningBear Fine Art.

TurningBear’s Services include:

 Originals, LTD Prints and Gicleé on Canvas Original pieces of art are often what you desire.  But sometimes, it makes sense to stretch your budget.  It’s how you can allow art to play an even larger role in your life. Lithographs and Gicleé Prints can offer you the brilliance of an original work of art but at a more modest price-point.  While both lithographs and Gicleé prints are reproductions of an original piece of art, they are produced differently.  Lithographs of high quality and low production numbers can offer you significant value.   Gicleé prints can be placed on…. read more   Commissions Commissioned pieces enable you to savor forever the essence of a memory. Who wouldn’t want realism original oil that accurately depicts more than what meets the eye? Turning Bear will work on a piece until you feel that his painting captures not only the subject, but the atmosphere and affection that surround it. Turning Bear’s art pieces are better than you ever desired…read more

 Drawings/ Portraits

 Honor a special moment or person you love with a graphite drawing.  A graphite portrait can capture the essence of those you love without any of the distractions.  You can finally free yourself from concerns about acne scars or the signs of life tenure. Find comfort in knowing reminders of time or an injury can be erased.  Capture a moment or revisit a time gone by. Turn individual photos into a family portrait.  Honor a service member or rekindle relationships with family members separated by miles. It’s all possible with the distinctive talents of artist, TurningBear Mason…. read more


Intricate carvings and detail are a part of the ancient craft of scrimshaw.  Discover the art and mastery of TurningBear Mason.  Delight in the masterpieces made from natural materials. Find the perfect piece for your collection or the gift your outdoorsman will cherish for a lifetime….read more

Studio Art Instruction Tired of the continual training of the basics?  Looking to master the fundamentals?  Studio Art Instruction of Turning Bear Mason invites you to refine your craft with courses and a workshop series designed to take your artwork to the next level Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, our unique program will meet you where you are in your development.  From observations skills to comparative measurement and color theory, you’ll evolve as an artist.  You’ll learn to let go of old habits and embrace new ones.  You’ll soon be able to bring light to things in your art you’d been unable to in the past. Find out if The Art School of TurningBear Mason is right for you.  Click here to learn more.

Custom Framing Create a unique presentation for your fine art or treasured heirloom. Reflect your personal style while complimenting your treasured piece and your decor. Get guidance on how to let your new frame compliment your furnishings.  Let us help you coordinate theme or mood of your item with the right frame. With archival quality materials, glazing, frames and conservation glass, you can preserve what you love for generations….read more

Murals and Faux Finishing Say good-bye to the boundaries of a frame.  Turn your wall into a work of art with murals, decorative paintings and faux finishes. What space in your home or business would you like to transform?  Accentuate architectural details in your home or office.  You can achieve the look you desire with stunning and breathtaking works of art from artist, TurningBear Mason….read more

Cherry Blossom Mural

Cherry Blossom Mural